Friday, December 30, 2005

Security gets another 15 minutes of attention

They've found yet another hole in the current leading OS. (Windows in this case, but that doesn't really matter in the meta) We're going to give security it's 15 minutes of fame... then promptly go back to sleep again.

We all have short attention spans, and some of us even know it. What's needed is a FIX for this problem... an honest to goodness SECURE operating system, one that withstand even the onslaught of the brightest hackers with millions of funding, because that's the only thing that will actually end this mess.

I've read (and believe) that Capabilities based systems have been mathematically proven to be unbreakable. This is exactly what's needed in the long term. I know it'll take years to get it out of the lab and into our PCs... but damnit... we need it!

I hope this sinks into at least one other person's head.... we need Capabilities based OSs.

Thanks for your time and attention.

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