Sunday, July 31, 2005

possible new google services

Julian Bond correctly points out that Google has immense leverage when it comes to capturing the Buzz of the World Live Web. They have the sensors deployed which enable amazing things, and Julian wonders why they don't.

I think that Google Web Search is now a well tuned loop, and they would be fools to tinker too much with it. I also believe that there is some manual tweaking of the results that must be done to ensure quality, as well as to meet certain uhm.... other requirements. This mix of factors keeps them from tweaking their main output, and rightly so!

However, Google has many outputs, and they can always add yet another beta, so I hereby predict a few new Google services: Fresh and Echo

Google Fresh: the freshest possible results pulled from web logs, new pages found with adsense, etc. This tool will be used as foward intellegence for companies with a clue.

Google Echo: a set of tools that help you find all the places your blog gets echoed, like trackback on steroids, eventually integrated with Blogger and other blogging software.

They might even figure out how all of this fits in one new service, but I haven't figured it out yet, but I'm sure that someone else will.

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