Sunday, July 31, 2005

Google Stream

More thoughts about Google, a remix of these items
  • Google as infrastructure
  • Doc states we need to maintain diversity
  • Everything is a loop
Wouldn't it be cool if Google offered a new type of service, based on the massive input streams they have available. If you were interested in a sufficiently narrow topic, and boy would it have to be narrow, you could get a stream of EVERYTHING being said about that topic.

As with search results, the tighter the specifications, the smaller the result set. For example, if you subscribe to "Norse Mythology", you might get 310 pointers per day. (310,000 results scaled by 1000 days average life - it's a guess) The ColorForth stream would be smaller, with perhaps 12 or so results per day (based on 12,500 results)

If google does this new service, it generates comes opprotunity for a completely new breed of filters and search engines specific to a topic. Just as there are many new things being added on top of Google maps, there could be a new breed of searchs, feeds, etc.

A continous Stream of google results would be wickedly cool. (Maybe an RSS feed?, Does it already do this?)

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