Sunday, July 26, 2020

#SundayMorning - A hashtag and call to respectful adult action

My friends... Please read this, and act accordingly.
Facebook, and all the other social media we all consume, feeds off the words we write, and the anger we vent. Due to human nature, we all ignore the reasonable, and keep on scrolling until we get to something we love or hate.
We need to fix this... we can... if we're adults about it.
Let's take back social media, but just a little piece of it... we're going to have to fight against human nature to do it...all of us.
#SundayMorning is a battle flag, virtue signal, call it what you will. Raise this flag when you want to express something longer than a sound bite, something that has more than one intellectual bite to it. When you see this, take some time to read the whole thing, and ponder it before responding. Like this post about #SundayMonring for example.
I'm not sure the best way to show appreciation for such a post... but my smarter friends will have some ideas. The main goal is to offer a way to carve out a small piece of our collective consciousness that is focused on things we all believe and thoughts we share. We need to all become one again,
At a first guess, if you agree with this, and see ways to make it better, Edit it, put it in your own words, and let us know how you feel about things in the same respectful adult way. I for one will take the time to read every one of the posts I find with that flag, and respect the time taken to compose it.
Thank you for your time and attention

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