Friday, July 12, 2013

A radical idea about ending lives with dignity for Indiana.

I think that the State of Indiana should open up a new facility for those who wish to end their lives in a dignified manner. Someone wishing to die, would travel to this facility, get interviewed by doctors, psychiatrists, and a sitting judge rotated for a short term from their regular bench assignments. Those would serve to filter out people who really don't belong there for other reasons.

Once you passed admission criteria, you'd have a waiting period of at least 3 days, maybe a week or a month... whatever isn't entirely cruel... to stay in a hospice type atmosphere. During this time, you're free to leave for any reason, with no repercussions. 

After your waiting period, you'd then be eligible for euthanasia, and burial in accordance with your wishes.

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Dubi Kaufmann said...

The safeguards are the most important thing. The Swiss are rethinking their policy with Dignitas because they think the system is being abused.