Saturday, April 07, 2012

Prementia - a new medical term

I'd like to propose a new word...

Prementia - from latin... pre (meaning before) and ment (root mens - the mind)... this would be when someone falsely assumes they are of sound mind before it actually comes to pass.

Prementia commonly occurs in subjects ranging from 3 to 30 years old, depending on the specific subject area and level of inexperience.

Treatment options - exposure to large amounts of experience has been shown to help mitigate the symptoms of prementia.

1. While somewhat inefficient, direct experience has been shown to be effective in almost all cases of prementia. Employment and living on ones own accelerate the effectiveness of this course of treatment.

2. Carefully administered doses of distilled experience with someone who is fully sound of mind and well versed in this manner of treatment have been found to be very helpful. In fact, in most states, this form of treatment has been subsidized regardless of insurance status.

3. Some patients are very resistant to treatment. In these cases, isolation for an extended period of time can be beneficial, if not to the patient, to those around them.

ContraIndications - If prementia is suspected, be careful disclosing this status to the patient, as they may become agitated and insisting that "I know how to do that already" or "I'm an expert". Sometimes it is best to ignore claims of competence, and switch the subject.

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