Sunday, March 11, 2012

Machine shop 001 - Day 2

I've managed to determine a few things...

  • A 5" cross feed vise has mounting holds about 6" apart.
  • An 8" drill has a table with slots 4.5' apart
  • The adjustable table has a 3/4" bolt, which actually measures about 0.73"
  • The vise can not be put on top of the adjustable table, otherwise there is -1" of clearance!
  • The cross vise is going to take a lot of tweaking before it starts being useful
  • I'm going to have to improvise a mount involving large pieces of lumber.
Lots of work, a kludge of a setup, barely able to cut through a zinc slug, but it did it. I actually milled something today. ;-)

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