Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Google screws the pooch with Postini.

We've been trying out Google Apps for Business for a while, as a back burner project.... and now we've decided to look more closely at our options, and found a happy combination that we decided to go with...

Google Apps for Business and Google | Postini Email Continuity.

This would give us Google Docs, Groups, etc... and syncing of Contacts and Calendar along with Email between our Exchange Server and Gmail.

Everything on the web shows this scenario... a nice picture of a good platform to run our business on top of...

Except, Google doesn't understand platforms, even a Google insider has said so

After being forced into a reseller channel, and fighting to get an actual human on the phone, it turns out that you  CAN'T have Google Apps and Google | Postini Email Continuity together.

Why?  Nobody knows why, the salesman thinks it's nuts, and so do I.

I'm pissed off, and very disappointed. Now I'm worried that I look like an idiot for even proposing what turned out to be vaporware to the two layers of management above me. Google just burned through a lot of goodwill with this clusterfuck.

So, here I sit looking for a better way to do IT for a small business, while tolerating crappy internet connectivity from two different providers, and no easy way to sync it all up into the cloud in a non-home brew manner.

Google and Postini have really screwed the pooch on this one. I wonder who will fill this need and eat their customer base for lunch?

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