Friday, August 26, 2011

Please call it the "fair market" from now on...

The value of Government regulation in commerce and other in aspects of life in the USA has been greatly depreciated by careful propaganda, called "framing", this is doing great harm, and needs to be corrected.

You CAN help... and it's easy... just use a better frame, every chance you get.

When you're about the write or say the phrase "free market", please say "fair market" instead. It's a simple and subtle substitution which puts the need for laws back into their proper place in the mindset when discussing such things.

Markets are a balancing act, they require rules in order to give the confidence required to trade without fear, but also the ability to set prices optimally, without unnecessary rules. A fair market maintains that balance, whereas a "free" market as defined by the right is one more like the wild west.


Notes only vaguely related to the above call to action...

1) As you might already know, any idea you have, is already on the internet, if you can conjure up the right search terms and cast the spell into Google. Such is the case with my idea for a new term, fair market capitalism.

2) There are many other frames which need to be addressed, especially "intellectual property", it would be nice if we had a place on the internet to discuss them get distribution, to counter the right-wing machinery put in place over the last 30 years. It should be fair and open discussion, with an emphasis on the desired result of getting a better framing around conversations to help us all in the long run.

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