Saturday, January 08, 2011

Why I'm worried, and you should be too, part 1... 9/11/2001 changed nothing

A few years ago, you might have called the author of a post like this paranoid... but now you're not so sure.

9/11 Changed everything, and yet changed nothing.

9/11 was an excuse to shove the American people towards a set of goals, most of which are still not clear to me.

The economy was in the tank before 9/11 happened. People who weren't yet affected by it will likely view 9/11 as the cause of everything after that point, it wasn't.  9/11 changed nothing.

Many people believe that 9/11 provided justification for starting the wars, but they were being planned before it, just waiting for an excuse.  9/11 changed nothing.

Many people forget that the World Trade Center was almost destroyed 8 years earlier, but that there was a mistake in the placement of the charges.  9/11 wasn't the first attack.

9/11 was used as leverage to get us to do something... it's not the first time something like this has happened in our history, it won't be the last.   There is always an element in government making plans like this, for example here's one from 1962.

The point here is that government actions are consistent across time, and administrations. It doesn't matter who is elected, the direction is clear, one of growth and more control over the people.

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