Monday, November 29, 2010

Crossing the wikileaks Rubicon.

It seems that Representative Pete King wants to have declared a Terrorist Organization. I can see how this might be a very appealing idea to someone who wants to wrap himself up in the flag, and doesn't believe we'll think too hard about it.

However, things are not as simple as King would like. Wikileaks has not committed any crimes, nor are they attempting to terrorize anyone. They exist because the mainstream media has been rendered useless by their corporate masters in the consolidation of the "news business" over the last 50 years. Had journalists been doing their jobs, the things being leaked might have been uncovered years ago, instead of being allowed to fester in the dark alleys of power in Washington.

If King gets his wish, the line in the sand couldn't be clearer... the State Department would in effect be declaring itself to be above the law, above reproach or redress from the citizens of this or any other nation. Wikileaks is a free association of people who are effectively The Press. The FREEDOM of the PRESS should never be violated.

Declaring Wikileaks to be an enemy of the state is a line over which the administration would be foolish to cross. Once this rubicon is crossed, it is obvious that no peaceful reforms can be accomplished within the existing framework handed down by our forefathers for peaceful change... leaving the other means of change they used so effectively against the previous administrations that ruled without regard to the citizens from distant shores.

We, the people, have a right to assemble, to speak and publish our views and facts as we find them. We will not stand for the destruction of our 1st amendment right of free speech.

To declare the majority of citizens as terrorists is to give up the consent of the governed.

To ban Wikileaks is the path of fools... lets hope calmer voices prevail.

Good night, and good luck.


Anonymous said...

I think you are wrong. Wikileak in releasing classified documents became an espionage organization. They are like enemy spies, getting whatever information they can and plastering everywhere. The world is not a perfect place and whether or not we like it their are sensitive documents regarding sensitive diplomatic relations that need to not be all over the place. Assange should be prosecuted for espionage.

Mike Warot said...

Spies don't publish the secrets they steal... so this is NOT spying.

I would be VERY surprised to learn that the foreign governments of the world haven't already found out the stuff we let 3,000,000 people see on a regular basis.

Wikileaks isn't a spy outfit... it's something new... the best analogy I can find right now is that it is a FREE PRESS, unlike the glossy imitation of PRAVDA that we get nightly on the various networks in the US.