Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Comments and trust

I occasionally vent in this blog (as the 10 or so regular readers know well)... recently after venting about the deceptive nature of DimDim conferencing software, I was left a comment suggesting I try our something called RHub.

RHub doesn't specify much about what it really does on their web site. It gives lots of features, but no technical details about how it actually works. This does not sit well with me, so I

The post had no actual links in it, so that was a plus.

The author of the comment had her address pointed towards The Social Robot, which has a lot of ads on it, but I gave the benefit of the doubt.

Kelsey appears to be a real person....

As near as I can tell, she's not trying to push the product in question.

But... you really can't tell these days... can you?

Oh the angst of it all.

If she had just said what the non-profit she works for is... it might be easier...


Kelsey said...

Hey Mike. I assure you that I am a real person. And thanks to Google Alerts, I found your blog. I was leaving a real comment- I volunteer for a non-profit that a friend and I are trying to get started. I hope my comment helped you...sorry if I seemed dubious!

Mike Warot said...

Kelsey, what is the non-profit? Is there any way I can help?

Kelsey said...

It's actually a part of my website-- The Social Robot-- providing social media and marketing services to non-profit organizations. If need your help, I'll let you know!