Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Beware DimDim - Fake open source

I've been trying in the background of my day job to get a workable installation of DimDim going, and have discovered an ugly truth... they don't make a usable version of their software available... they are open-washing their service.

The current version of their service as deployed is 5.0

The last open source release is 4.5 as of the beginning of 2008... it is only available in a semi-working state as a complete VMware image, I can't get any of their installs to work after spending a few man-weeks on it. The VMware image is based on CentOS, which I'm totally unfamiliar with, customizing it was a nightmare, at best. Because it's an OS I'm unfamiliar with, I have no way of knowing what other things it is doing in the background.


Learn from my errors, Save your time and effort, find some alternative to do your video conferencing.

Oh... and I'm not alone...

Read the comment by David Strickland at http://ostatic.com/dimdim

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Kelsey C said...

You seem frustrated. Invest in something more reliable like RHUB Web Conferencing. The nonprofit I work for uses RHUB almost daily and have had a lot of success with it.