Monday, May 18, 2009

The limits of power

What you can express limits your actions. If you can't communicate an idea clearly to others, who wish to help you actualize it, you are stuck with the resources you personally have control over.  Thus it's best to have a toolset that expands your capabilities.

Ideas are worthless, it's been said... and there are good arguments to support that. However, not all ideas are worthless, there are some small fraction that could do great things, but are trapped in isolation because the person who concieved of them can't express them.

The flaming of newbie questions in the Usenet/Linux culture limits the number of people who will adopt it as a tool, as well as limiting those who might otherwise pick up a new language, try out something new. Clearly this is broken, or at least immature.

Teaching tools to empower others gives them the option to exert their own work, and their own time, to try to give their ideas life... this parellizes the problem of weeding out the bad ones, and makes the possibility of a good idea coming out of a population of X people increase because they have a better set of tools.

Thanks to Daryll for putting up with my first run through of these ideas.

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