Friday, August 08, 2008

How do you mark your enemies in social networks?

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
Chinese general & military strategist (~400 BC)
Thomas Hawk (not his real name) is a "friend" of mine. I like his photography, and he seems to be very positive in supporting others. Like me, he's a fan of photographing the world around us, including art.

The Broken Pitcher - William Adolphe Bougereau

The Broken Pitcher - William Adolphe Bougereau

Recently, MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco decided to change its policy to allow non-flash photography in the galleries, he signed right up.

Simon Blint is an asshole. He decided that the new policy doesn't allow for non-flash photography if you have a dSLR. This lead to him forcibly ejecting my friend from the museum.

This leads me to a new conundrum... how do I tag someone as my newest enemy in all of my social networks? Facebook doesn't have a way for me to tag him as an ENEMY, which is a very odd exclusion if you think about it.

Hating someone, or something, is one of the primal urges to action that gets a lot of things done in the world. Social networking should include a way to DEMOTE someone like this twit, or cops on power trips, or whatever. Social networks must allow for this basic and essential expression of anti-value if they are to truely be useful.

I believe that we need to add enemy lists, twit lists, etc... into the framework of VRM as well. This can only help us to label spammers, scammers, and other undesirables quickly and efficiently.

A social network that doesn't allow you to include your enemies isn't worth having.

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