Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The future is Usenet, all over again

With the rise of Twitter, and the subsequent introduction of Laconica to federate things, I think I'm beginning to see the rhyme of history. Eventually we'll want to replicate everything in Usenet, but just a bit different
  • Anonymous posting will be prohibited
  • Tags will replace the hierarchy of groups
  • Digital Signatures will prevent forgery
  • All posts will have URIs so we can still link to them.
  • We still won't be able to markup hypertext. (a pet peeve)
  • Data will be streamed instead of batch mode.

There were a lot of things to like about Usenet
  • Push model saved bandwidth
  • Aggregation was built in
  • Group hierarchies helped increase signal to noise
  • It was federated from the start
  • Binary attachments were supported
So, we'll get some new hybrid which will help us adapt to the contemporary demands of the internet. I believe that a new push infrastructure is on its way. If done right, we could even get rid of Email and the spam problem, but that's story.

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Thynks said...

I just joined for my Usenet access and I have to say, in my 7 years of jumping from several Usenet providers, Newsdemon is one of the first that I have seen that actually filters most of the email spam that plagues and frustrates Usenet. Might want to check it out.