Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Why I voted for Obama today.

Well, I've voted for Obama... and now it's time explain why a bit more.

The Clinton's believe in Triangulation as a way to win. The idea is that there is a spectrum of opinion about any given subject, the best way to make a deal is to stake out a position the proper distance from the extremes, and get to a happy medium.

Triangulation is worship of a false god. It's profane, and profoundly misguided.

People have opinions on a wide variety of subjects. There's no logical consistency to it, let alone any kind of continuous spectrum to choose from. There is no "liberal" mindset. It exists only in the pigeonhole that people try to push us into.

From this, it's no small stretch to assume that there is no single rational model of the world. We don't all think about things the same way. We're all different (but I'm not!)

Instead of worrying about the right thing to do, the triangulation cultist worry about where they are relative to the mythical "mainstream" and try to maintain the strategic position relative to it.

If we all believe that slavery was a good thing, Hillary would be for cutting taxes on the chains because the price of steel from China went up... she'd propose a slave chain tax holiday. The issue of slavery won't be part of the picture.

Think I'm being absurd? Well, we're all slaves to our cars, and Hillary just proposed a tax on the fuel for our cars. She doesn't even consider that perhaps there's a bigger issue to be resolved here... the "non-negotiable American Way of Life"

We need leaders who don't just triangulate, we need to move away from the myopic vision of politics as usual, and to step back and look at the big picture, and least try to do the right thing, for a change.


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