Monday, April 14, 2008

...but I'm not bitter

The end of WWII, the world made safe for Democracy. What do we do with the peace that cost so many lives?

Well... the CIA and KGB collude to keep us in a cold war for 50 years, resulting in the huge military-industrial-complex that can't possibly keep us safe because it's all outsourced to China anyway... but I'm not bitter.

We spent $5,000,000,000,000 (5 Trillion) on our Nuclear deterrent, which won the cold war, and made us the only remaining superpower.... except it didn't really... but I'm not bitter.

Those weapons mean that nobody would dare attack us, and we're perfectly safe... yet in 2003 we Invade because of a threat of weapons that weren't there, from a Dictator we trained and kept in power... but I'm not bitter.

The CIA and elements of the government conduct experiments on the population, the airmen at Tuskegee, and others... and continue to deny for years... but I'm not bitter

JFK - assassinated by rogue elements of the CIA and Mob, killing the one good president since FDR... but I'm not bitter.

MLK - assasinated because he dared to question Viet Nam... but I'm not bitter

RFK - assasinated for threatening to follow in his brothers footsteps and try to make a positive change... but I'm not bitter

Nixon, dropped us off the Gold standard, knowing full well it would cause massive inflation and devaluation of the dollar... just to get re-elected... and then Watergate... but I'm not bitter

The Arab oil Embargo, a huge clue that we need to cut back and conserve our resources... what does Regan do when he gets into the White House? Remove the solar water heaters that Carter installed.... and then proceed to deregulate our economy, removing protections of the workers, environment, and economy, creating the giant sucking sound that outsourced all our jobs to China and elsewhere...... but I'm not bitter

The gulf war, we tell Saddam we're not going to interfere with his invasion of Kuwait, but then use it to justify a war, causing untold death and destruction, and loss of our troops... only to prop him back up at the end... but I'm not bitter.

The World Trade Center is bombed, blowing a 6 story hole in the basements... do we learn from this? No... but I'm not bitter.

The school of the americas, where we train dictators like Saddam Hussein and others to enforce our colonial rule over the planet... still open... but I'm not bitter.

Since 9/11, there are those who insist on blind patriotism, that we need to give up some liberties for security, and if we're not willing to do so, it's ok to spy on us anyway... but I'm not bitter.

We've in a huge mess, our currency is less than 5% of the value it should have according to our Constitution. You can't even buy real money without worrying it will be seized at some future date, just like it was during the Great Depression.

We import our energy... we lie about "huge new fields" found in the west... that aren't technically feasible to extract for another generation.

Anyone who dares point things like this out is marginalized, and called a "tin foil hat conspiracy theorist"... muting all discussion of what really is wrong with our country... but I'm not bitter.

No... I'm not bitter... I'm angry, and sad, but I haven't given up. I'm still willing to help work to straighten this mess out, to get our economy and country back on the right track. I stand willing and ready to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

The biggest single step towards doing that is to not be bitter, but to suck it up, see how bad things are, and start to figure out a way forward.

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