Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thoughts on George Lakoff (via Dave Winer)

I'm about 3 hours into Dave Winer's podcast where he is interviewing George Lakoff, which is intersting when you consider it's only about an hour long.... ; George has some very deep ideas, which disturb my mental map... so it's taking more than 100% focus.

On the surface, it seems to be that Lakoff is talking about clever use of words. (Framing) This evokes stories of magic in my mind... and there's a strong relevance there. That then ties into the sorcerers apprentice story... which makes it dangerous...

There are chains of thought you can take from there... all different depending on your history, gentle reader.

The true power is when you take the mystery out of this stuff... and try to get it back down to the basics, and use it as a tool.

You have to do a LOT of work in order to find out what the core models people use to conceptualize their world. There are ways to learn this and share this information, but like any other set of tools, a basic literacy is required... a skill set.

It's sufficiently interesting that I want to learn more... much more about this.

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