Sunday, September 30, 2007

Openness Index - Plan A

Doc Searls asks about the idea of an Openness Index... and starts with the Nokia N95 and Apple iPhone as sample subjects of comparison. To make this actually work, in a general case, the following steps are necessary.
  • Provide a common means of specifying an object in a distributed folksonomy (so that everyone can comment about something, and not get ambiguity when machine-read)
  • Provide a common means of specifying things about said object using the same type of folksonomy (so that you could aggregate the results)
  • Provide a common means of integrating Identity and Reputation into the mix

I believe that if there were a way for all of us to just put these three items together into a blog post, with enough syntactic sugar to eliminate ambiguity for a machine to read it... it could work.

You'd end up with something like RSS for opinions about a given Subject.

Who wants to start building it with me?


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