Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wanted - Magic Bucket

I want to put all of my stuff into a "magic bucket".

This stuff would include:
  • Email
  • Work Stuff
  • All of my photos and videos
  • Scanned pieces of paper
  • Bookmarks
  • Source Code
  • Misc files
The "magic" would be that I could then set up rules to be followed when resources were available. Sample resouces include:
  • Network connectivity at work (or home)
  • Server space at work, home, etc
  • Access to my various email accounts
  • A newly inserted SD card with files from my camera
  • USB thumb drive
  • External backup drive
Some of the rules would be things like:
  • Keep copies of all of my photos on my home machine up to date
  • Read the tags (keywords, etc) from my photos, and send the interesting ones to flicrk, zoomer, etc.
  • Take things composed while offline (on the train communting) and send them as appropriate
I don't want to have to tell it GO on any of this stuff... I don't want to worry that it'll break if interrupted... it should just WORK. Technology is our tool, and it should work like one.


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