Sunday, October 29, 2006

The odd twilight at the end of Democracy

It's now 1:45AM in Chicago, AND 1:45AM in New York City... the one odd hour a year when we're still in Daylight Savings Time, and they've left it behind.

Our country is doomed.... the FBI's second raid on Christopher Soghoian's residence is a big RED FLAG. Chris is a security researcher, a "white hat". He has a long record of helping to solve security problems. He pointed out just how insecure the whole "you must have a boarding pass" requirement is when it's not actually verified, by creating a fake boarding pass generator.

Instead of actually doing something to improve security, the FBI falls back on its long, LONG tradition of trying to use intimidation as a substitute for hard work.

I'm now convinced that our Democracy is very likey doomed... the election will be nullified by Diebold, and the avenues of redress for our grievances will evaporate. Unfortunately, this will leave us contemptating the stark implications of words of President John F. Kennedy:
Those who make peaceful revolutions impossible
will make violent revolutions inevitable.

We deserve a better country, a bright future. The peaceful revolution that occurs in every just election saves us all more horror than one can imagine. Lets hope we can continue in our great tradition of true Democracy.


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