Sunday, March 13, 2005

The blog balancing act

Blogging is a balancing act, quite frightening at times if you're insecure like me.

You have a number of competing forces:
  • attention
  • ego
  • content
  • time
The challenge in life is to find a purpose, and serve that purpose.

The challenge with this, as with any web log, is to convey concepts, and get attention for them, without appearing to be desparate for personal attention. We're so attuned to the desparation apparent in bad marketing that we instinctivly tune it out, and turn it off. There are a lot of normally unstated forces playing off of each other, and those are just some of them.

Its tough... but I'll try not to overthink it. Doc has consistently shown the way though, in a fairly good balance

So, the search continues on the best way to transform something from personal to communal. I thought it was trival, so much so that I had to watch who I talked with, so it didn't get stolen. That's property thinking. Twenty plus years elapse, and nothing changes... so it's not as trivial as I thought.

I decided that I couldn't do it on my own... and started this blog. That alone isn't going to do it, of course, because its still a me thing. Doc is sharing his realizations with the rest of us, and it occurs to me thats the exact same thing I'm trying to do. We both realize it ain't easy.

I'm thankful for the wisdom, a bit depressed about the implications, but hopeful I can learn the lesson well. My immediate reaction is that I need to talk more about the tradeoffs, and where the bitgrid fits into other peoples problem spaces, while providing a core reference material should they decide the idea is interesting.

Thanks again for the lesson, Doc.


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