Monday, January 17, 2005

My first EgoVector

The latest ripple in blog-o-sphere is that of metadata, meta-tags, and FolkSonomy. The question falling out of things is what "tags" would you give to describe your own beliefs and orientations to others.

I'm a Mapper, so I read a ton of things, and they all sit in background processes, getting mulled about. Tonight a personal email (about encryption to "protect" HD video between own pieces of equipment and the monitor) stirred up a pretty strong set of emotions, so I listened to those emotions, and as a result I think I've found my first "tag". It's something I feel strongly about, and have been sorting out my feelings about for a long time.

I'm a LimitedCopyright, (like Lawrence Lessig) which is in the middle ground between PermanentCopyright, and InfoAnarchist. I believe that the founding fathers idea of a time-limited government enforced monopoly was a reasonable trade for a larger and enriched public domain.

So, there it is... my first IdentiTag (ewww... don't quite like that word, the hunt for a neologism commences)....

Some searching of Google finds that EgoVector is a better attempt at a Neologism for me, as well as better describing the concept.

A definition, to get the ball rolling:

EgoVector - The distillation of all of the thoughts and feelings of a single person, into a concretely specific tag (preferably a unique one - neologisms best) that can be referenced by all other participants in the FolkSonomy.

A good EgoVector serves to let the person involved (Ego) tell others how they are oriented about an issue. (direction -- Vector) If chosen well, there can even be a bit of Lakoff's "Framing" implied. A well chosen EgoVector will help you find others of a like mind on the issue.

Other EgoVectors for me might include:

PackRat, BrilliantImpatient, AuthorityIssues, FrustratedPerfectionist, etc...

But I'm defintely a LimitedCopyright !

Thanks to Doc Searls, Jeff Jarvis, David Galbraith, Wikipedia and many others for the shoulders to stand on for this entry.

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